Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check in online before arrival. We send a link with the travel documents. This reduces the waiting time at check-in and you don't have to hand in your ID.
  • The reception staff is separated by Plexiglas panels.
  • Distance marking at reception.
  • Non-contact clinical thermometers available. However, fever is not usually measured on guests.
  • Disinfectants are available at all entrances, in front of the elevator, at the entrance to the dining room, etc.
  • Several times a day cleaning of all public areas.
  • We recommend the use of credit cards if possible, do not use cash. The credit card POS is disinfected after each use.
  • The keys or cards deposited at the reception will be disinfected.
  • Computers, telephones, pens, etc. are disinfected after each employee shift change.
  • Covid-19 signs with the rules of conduct are available in several languages.
  • Guests are aware of social distancing.
  • Bathroom towels are still rented. Hands are disinfected on delivery.
  • The guests' phone, the guests' computer and the tour guides' folders are not provided.
  • The use of a facemask is mandatory for all guests more than six years old at any time, both on public roads, outdoors and in enclosed spaces for public or private use.
  • The use of the facemask is NOT mandatorywhen consuming food or drinks (restaurants or bars), while practising physical or water activity, on beaches, swimming pools or sea walks

Restaurant and bar

  • Specific hygiene rules apply. Regular ventilation and disinfection of all areas
  • Masks must be worn on the buffet circuit and whenever the necessary distance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ensuring a minimum distance between restaurant tables and in the bar.
  • Table communities are made up of guests who travel together.
  • All items from this service should be put in the dishwasher.
  • Service personnel wear face masks if the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  • Menus are sanitized and available with a QR code for mobile phones.


  • Maximum reduction of textiles. No bedspreads, decorative cushions, etc.
  • Waste bin in the bathroom with a lid, double plastic bag and foot pedal.
  • More blankets and pillows not in the wardrobe, but on request.
  • Cleaning of the hairdryer with filter included after the change of guests in the room.
  • Disinfection of the remote control, telephone, clothes hanger, etc. after changing guests
  • There is no service folder, information sheet, etc. in the room.
  • There is no minibar service (at Don Leon).
  • Employees (waitresses, technicians) only enter the rooms when there are no guests in it.
  • Change of gloves after each cleaning of the room.


  • Maximum load reference.
  • People who do not travel together can only share the lift by wearing a face mask.

Swimming pool

  • Specific hygiene protocols are applied, maintaining the recommended chlorine level.
  • The pool loungers are placed at the minimum distance.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the sun loungers
  • Sharing of umbrellas only for those travelling together.
  • Soap is available in the shower area.


  • Limit the number of people and space to maintain safety distances. Outdoor activity.
  • Do not exchange animated objects, disinfect them after use.
  • The nightly animation will take place respecting the minimum distance.

Cleaning program

  • Extended cleaning frequency.
  • Frequent ventilation.
  • Cleaning with disinfectants, there are dosage specifications.
  • Cleaning equipment and trolleys are disinfected after each use.
  • Garbage bags are closed immediately after collection.
  • Cleaning is recorded in a protocol.
  • Air conditioning systems and filters are regularly maintained.

Guidelines for employees

  • Protective masks should be worn if a minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.
  • Extensive staff training by an external specialist company.
  • Regular washing and disinfection of hands.
  • After touching money and outside objects, after sneezing or blowing your nose, wash or disinfect your hands properly.
  • Keep safe distances, do not salute with contact.
  • Wash or disinfect the uniform daily at 60 degrees. Strict separation of uniform and casual clothing in plastic bags.
  • Disinfect user interfaces such as the smartphone or display regularly, especially after shift changes.
  • Create the conditions for maintaining the specified safety distances for personnel in all areas (changing rooms, kitchen, bathrooms).

Management of guest contagion

  • If a guest shows symptoms, he is isolated in the room.
  • Doctor's visit and test in the room.
  • Information for fellow travelers and tour guide.
  • If the test is positive:
    • Isolation in the room.
    • Everything necessary is provided (food, drinks, thermometer, medication, etc.)
    • Cleaning with special protective clothing.
    • Registration of all persons who have been in contact with infected persons.
    • If transfer to hospital is possible, the decision is made by the health authorities on the measures to be taken in each case.
    • The room will not be used for one week after the transfer and will be specifically disinfected.
    • There is no general quarantine in the entire hotel.

Management of employee contagion

  • If an employee shows symptoms, he is sent home immediately.
  • Medical evaluation and tests.
  • Information to the employees who were in contact and tests.
  • If a test is positive, additional disinfection of the work area.
  • Decision of the health authorities on additional measures.


Preventive measures and standards COVID-19