Quality and Environment Policy
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Quality and Environment Policy

date February 2017 / edition 2

"Provide a personalized, efficient and quality service"

On Behalf of the strategy:

·         Identify and satisfy the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

·         Be aware to the risks, opportunities and changes that occur in the context of the business, adapting to the needs of the market.

·         Ensure that our policy "mission, vision and values" are known and applied effectively by all our human capital.

·         Establish annual improvement objectives and keep track through our quality indicators.

Regarding external and internal customers:

·         Serve our customers with the greatest cordiality and efficiency, continuously improving our quality standards.

·         Guarantee our customers the comfort and safety of our facilities.

·         Analyze the quality of the service we provide our clients by constantly adapting to the different types of clients, nationalities and period throughout the season.

·         Encourage cooperation and mutual respect, involving employees in achieving the objectives.

·         Provide the necessary means to provide ongoing training, training our human capital at all levels.

Regarding suppliers, society and the environment:

·         Encourage suppliers to adapt to the quality criteria established by our organization, considering in their service the life cycle of the products.

·         Ensure a balanced sustainable development minimizing the possible negative effects on the environment, considering the life cycle of the materials with which we can work.

·         Comply with current legislation, identifying and controlling the impact we cause.

·         Reuse, reduce and recycle the generated waste as much as possible.