Dear Universal family,
At Universal Hotels we place the safety, health and well-being of our customers and employees at the top of our priorities.

After the declaration of the State of Alarm by the Spanish government, we have been forced to take the appropriate measures, by closing down our hotels Universal Hotel Lido Park, Universal Hotel Marques and Universal Hotel Don León. We would like to thank all our employees for their sacrifice and effort, the authorities and the partners for their collaboration, so that the closure of the hotels could be carried out as quickly as possible. All guests and employees are at home healthy and safety.

We commit ourselves to do everything possible to collaborate in the rapid resolution of the situation created:

• We have decided to delay the opening of our hotels to later dates, once the sanitary restrictions are removed.
• Since the beginning of the pandemic we have implemented strict hygienic and safety protocols, in cooperation with the health authorities at all times. The employees at the head office are now working remotely.
• We keep our customers, employees and collaborators informed at all times of any new developments in the situation through social networks, emails, website and call center.

Finally, whether you have a current reservation with us or you are planning to stay in our hotels on future dates, we want to offer you the flexibility to enjoy your holiday as soon as we get back to normal.

• If you have booked directly with us, we offer you the flexibility to cancel all reservations up to the entry date 30 April free of charge or to change them and to accumulate the amount for future dates.
• Contact us at any time, either by email , or by phone to ask any questions. We kindly ask you to be patient, we will attend you as soon as possible.
• If you have booked through a tour operator or an online travel agency, please contact them.

Since the foundation of Universal more than 70 years ago, we have taken care of our guests and employees as what they are, a family. Our entire team is striving to overcome this circumstance in the best possible way so that now and in the future you will continue to enjoy the best experiences in our hotels. Mallorca will continue to await your next visit.

Yannik Erhart
Universal Hotels  

Preguntas frecuentes

Si has reservado a través de un touroperador o agencia que no es nuestra web, por favor contacta con ellos directamente.

¿hasta cuándo estarán cerrados los hoteles Universal por causa de fuerza mayor?

De momento el cierre obligatorio de todos los hoteles en España se mantiene hasta el 12/04/20, según las restricciones sanitarias actuales. Los hoteles Universal tienen previsto reabrir lo antes posible tras pasar el periodo de cuarentena. No obstante, pueden consultar nuestra Web y buscar disponibilidad de su hotel seleccionado para ver la primera fecha disponible.

¿qué hago si tengo una reserva para una fecha en periodo de estado de alarma?

En caso de que tenga una reserva vigente con estancia durante el periodo de estado de alarma, contacte con nosotros al mail y le ofreceremos modificarla a una fecha alternativa o reembolsarle el importe pagado si lo desea.

¿qué pasa si tengo reserva fuera del periodo de cuarentena y luego esta se alarga?

Universal Hotels ofrece actualmente la posibilidad de modificar reservas con estancia hasta el 31/05/20 para una fecha posterior dentro del mismo año, incluso si las condiciones de la tarifa no lo permitieran. Contacta con nosotros al mail y te informaremos de las opciones.

¿puedo reservar para fechas posteriores a la cuarentena?

Si, puedes reservar para una fecha posterior al periodo de estado de alarma. Consulta disponibilidad en nuestra Web. Ofrecemos tarifas flexibles que puedes cancelar hasta 7 días antes de la fecha de llegada sin penalización.